The Theaterhotel Almelo

The festival is in the Theaterhotel Almelo. You cannot book a room there at the moment as we have blocked all rooms until today the 15th of August. Due to some (solved) technical issues and requests from visitors to open the bookings in the evening, we will post the link and action code you need on this page at 20:00 tonight.

However: the hotel does not have enough rooms for all visitors and while it is luxurious, this is reflected in the cost of the rooms.

Almelo does have several other (mostly smaller) hotels and places to stay, but there are two other places in nearby Hengelo that you could choose as we have arranged a group these hotels.

The Taxi service

At the festival you can buy taxi vouchers at the Registration Desk in the hotel lounge to travel to and from Hotel Hengelo van der Valk en the Eden City Hotel Hengelo. If you want to go back to your hotel you just ask the Registration Desk to call a taxi for you, that will drive you to your hotel. 

At both hotels you will find a banner with a number you can use to call for a taxi. You can then pay the driver.

  • A single one-way trip will cost € 7,50 per person.
  • As the plan is to share rides you may have to wait some time outside of peak hours. (You also could be lucky and have a car ready at the hotel.)
  • During peak hours (the start of the festival and the late evening hours) you are unlikely to wait so long.
  • The service only stops at the Theaterhotel, Hotel Hengelo van der Valk and Eden City Hotel Hengelo.
  • You cannot and need not book your taxi tickets in advance.

Hotel Hengelo van der Valk

Hotel Hengelo van der Valk is ideal for people visiting by car: next to the A1 highway and it is just 15 minutes by car from the Theaterhotel. It is also from the same chain as the Theaterhotel.

If you drive to the Theaterhotel we advise you to park in the P3 parking garage as it has a direct entrance to the back of the Theaterhotel on the 4th floor.

There is a bus service to the Theaterhotel but the stop is some distance from the hotel.

Eden City Hotel Hengelo

Het Eden City Hotel Hengelo is easy to reach by both train and car.

They have a special offer for AnimeCon visitors of 10% off on the room price and breakfast for € 14,50 (instead of € 17,00). To use this offer send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with AnimeCon in the subject line.

The City hotel is next to station Hengelo where up to 4 trains depart for Amelo every hour. The ride takes about 10-12 minutes and then it is a short walk throug the city centre (or a bus ride) to the Theaterhotel.

There is a parking next to the hotel with ample space adn from there it is about 25 minutes to the Theaterhotel by car.