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A Taste of Japanese Whisky

Catering and Tastings. Taste Japan at AnimeCon Classic!

At AnimeCon Classic you can experience Japanese culture through all five senses, taste included. Most of the caterers will be outside, either in front of the hotel or at the terrace on the city side of the hotel. The hotel will arrange Dutch cuisine and the bar inside, but we will busy inside as well. Both with the sake / whisky / gin tastings and a Japanese bar - where you can also order the sakes from the tastings after the tasting itself.

Japanese catering

We have six Japanese caterers spread out throughout the hotel. Two stands are in front of the hotel and serve sushi, bubble tea, taiyaki and other snacks. Three stands are at the terrace to the side of the hotel in front of "De Oude Sociëteit". They serve a gyoza, yakitory, a variety of vegan food, shaved ice and of bubble tea as well. 

Last but certainly not least: Japanese beer, sake, sochu and other drinks will be available in the evening in the Ravel bar. You will be able to taste more of the sakes from the sake tastings.


Yearly Japanese Whisky tastings are hosted by our chairman, Niels. Under his care you will taste some of the best the best flavours Japanese whisky has to offer. And, of course, Japan is known for their own rice based drink: Sake, which you will be able to learn about under the guidance of our friends of

You need an extra ticket for most food workshops and tastings to cover the materials used. Tickets will be for sale online on each page and on this page (below) starting on 1 September 20:00 until the tickets are sold out or 30 minutes before the workshop or tasting starts. If any tickets are left by then we will sell them at the food workshops location.

We no longer have a separate counter at the festival for purchase of food tickets. All pre-sales occurs online.

Western catering

The Theaterhotel serves the Western catering. In the lounge at the front of the hotel there is an extended snack corner as well as of course the Hotel Bar. At the terrace (to the side in front of "De Oude Sociëteit") they serve drinks (both with and without alcohol) and snacks.

Lastly on both evenings buffet dinners are served in the Vide on the second floor (with a view of the lounge). Tickets for these buffets can be bought at the hotel desk - or are included with your room.

Concerning coins

The hotel does sell catering coins for € 3,25. You can use them everywhere, but you can use pin at most places and can use cash with the Japanese caterers.