AnimeCon is one of the beating hearts of cosplay in the Netherlands. A place where both novice and experienced cosplayers can live their hobby to the fullest. You will find cosplay everywhere throughout the convention: many of the visitors wear their wonderful costumes, photographers enjoy taking pictures and we host many events about cosplay.

Everybody who is interested can cosplay at AnimeCon. To give everybody the possibility to enjoy cosplay to the fullest, we provide multiple cosplay activities during our festival. From beginning cosplayers to experts, we offer activities for all. 

Cosplay Competitions at AnimeCon

Here at AnimeCon we host multiple cosplay competitions, where the best cosplayers compete on stage and show their costumes in the most wonderful acts. This can be in solo acts, or in groups. AnimeCon prides itself that it has competitions for any level. For those who want to try out filling the stage for the first time, to those who want to represent the Netherlands in one of the international competitions abroad, where our cosplayers will compete with the some of the best cosplayers in the world.

Want to know which competition suits you the best? Take a look at our short overview of the different possibilities here

Cosplay Judges

Every cosplay competition needs competent and fair judges. The AnimeCon Classic cosplay competition will be judged by the following experts.

Cosplay Workshops and Events

Maybe you just want to know more about it, or the materials. In that case we have workshops about cosplay. Or you could go to one of the dealers that specialize in cosplay, especially 

Cosplay Photography

Of course, if you don't want to shine on stage, there are many other opportunities for your hobby. For instance, AnimeCon has several different themed background spots, which can use for your pictures.

Cosplay Photography
Speaking of photography, besides AnimeCon's own photographers, there are many photographers as well. So if you are into cosplay photography, AnimeCon is the place to be. We do have some house rules regarding photography though. 2 tips for both cosplayers and photographers: make some (business) cards what you can trade for contact. And always ask before you make a picture, even if it is just a snapshot. That way you will get the best results.

But most of all, when you come to AnimeCon, you will meet many people who also love cosplay. Enjoy the community and meet old and new friends.