Mayo Cosplay is from Sweden and has been cosplaying since 2009. She has been in competitive cosplay for a decade, including Eurocosplay 2010, World Cosplay Summit 2015, Nordic Cosplay Championship 2012-2016 and European Cosplay Gathering 2019. Mayo is also an experienced cosplay judge focused on sewing and the WCS organizer for Sweden since 2016.

"Recently many people ask me if I have retired from cosplaying yet and are somewhat surprised when I answer them no. I still find so much joy in crafting and creating costumes and since it is something I do alone at home anyway, it was not really affected by the pandemic. However, now with events returning I have been rediscovering the fun of cosplaying with friends and meeting and interacting with people who love the same characters as me. I didn't realize how much I missed it. For the past year I have been quite obsessed with Genshin and something I am really looking forward to is meeting other Genshin fans at Animecon. That being said, please don't hesitate to talk to me even if you are not a Genshin fan... yet."

Instagram @bajamayo
twitter @mayocosplay
Facebook: @mayochancosplay 

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