AnimeCon cosplay competitions, where the best cosplayers compete on stage and show their costumes in the most wonderful acts. This can be in solo acts, or in groups. AnimeCon prides itself that it has competitions for any level. For those who want to try out filling the stage for the first time, to those who want to represent the Netherlands in one of the international competitions abroad, where our cosplayers will compete with the some of the best cosplayers in the world.

Since there are many competitions, all with their own characteristics, here is an overview of the differences. The details of each competition you can find on their individual pages

Country# ParticipantsOrigin cosplayerMaximum length act Act length finals Date finals
Acon Group-2 - 7Earth180 seconds--
Acon Solo-1Earth60 - 90 seconds--
Clara Cows Cosplay Cup
The Netherlands2Earth60 - 120 seconds60 - 120 seconds24 September 2022
ECG SoloFrance1Netherlands90 seconds75 secondsJuly 2023
ECG GroupFrance2 or 3Netherlands150 seconds150 secondsJuly 2023
Japan2Netherlands150 seconds150 secondsAugust 2023
Europa Cosplay Cup

France1Netherlands120 seconds120 seconds26, 27 November 2022

All competitors should hand in their scripts on 14-05-2022