Het Duivelsei is the student board game association of Leiden, with over 500 board and card games in our collection and many other fun activities. This year you can find us at the AnimeCon 2021 Exp Plaza for some relaxing and fun games.

Join us this weekend to play some board- or card games, or maybe even try playing Magic the Gathering. We've got Munchkin, Coup, Exploding Kittens, and many more games, both easy and difficult,
playtime ranging from fifteen minutes to three hours. Need help with choosing a game or with figuring out the rules? No problem, we are there to help!

This weekend you can also join us for our The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow – Hour, try to come out on top in the Short Games Showdown, or just bring your favorite board game to our stand if you want to play it with us!

Fun Fact: our name, Het Duivelsei (The Devil's egg), is an old name for the one thing that is essential for the Devil's favourite pastime, gambling: dice!
Check out our site for more information about us.