Cosplay Target + Who's that Pokemon?

Ready to play some unique games? GoCosplayers has got one for cosplayers and one for Pokémon fans.

For the cosplayers, they have created Cosplay Target.
With aid of a smartphone app you get images of other cosplayers. Try to find them at the convention and score lots of points. Meanwhile other cosplayers will be searching for you. If they find you, you will also get points. So be noticeable or be the one who searches the best to become the Cosplay Target master.

For more information on how to play, visit

If you are more into Pokémon, they have the game to test your Pokémon knowledge and to see who among your friends is a Pokémon master!
"Who is that Pokémon?" is the question you need to answer the fastest. GoCosplayers shows you a silhouette of a Pokémon, and with a special controller you have to answer who it is. So if you know Pokémon and want to beat your friends to it, be sure to visit them!