AnimeCon House Rules

Here you'll find all of the house rules, cosplay/prop rules, bag rules, and photography rules. 

By accessing the festival grounds, you agree and conform to the rules below. In case these rules allow room for interpretation, the members of the Staff, Security, Stewards and Gophers will make the final decision. Circumvention of the house rules can be seen as breaking them. These rules are subject to change. For the Dutch house rules, click here.

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Covid special rule

All visitors must meet the (health) requirements of the Dutch government that apply during our festival,
including any rule changes that are announced shortly before or during the event.

House Rules

1) Follow instructions of location staff and the standard location procedures in case of fire, evacuation or other calamities.

2) You must wear your official AnimeCon visitors badge or wristband clearly visible (around your neck or wrist).

3) Members of Staff and Security have the right to deny visitors access to festival areas in case of (but not limited to) the following circumstances:

  • Disturbance of peace and safety.
  • (Allegedly) being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Theft.
  • Health risks.
  • Making too much noise or being a nuisance to others.
  • Making a mess of the con grounds.
  • Vandalism.
  • Trespassing in area’s with restricted access.
  • Not adhering to these house rules.

Members of Staff, Security, Stewards and Gophers are clearly recognisable by their special badges and / or clothing.

The J-POP Foundation (Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur) has the right to contact local authorities and to claim (financial) damages on those involved. On incidents marked as illegal according to Dutch law, a report will be made to the police. Visitors must be able to show some form of ID as described by Dutch law at Staff or Security’s request.

4) Members of Staff, Security, Stewards and Gophers have the right to deny visitors access to festival areas in case of (but not limited to) the following circumstances:

  • Health risks.
  • The room is too crowded.
  • Minors (trying to) attend(ing) an 18+ event. 18+ events can’t be attended without showing some form of ID as described by Dutch law.

5) A senior must accompany children younger than 13 years. Children younger than 7 years can get free entry, but must still wear a badge. This free badge can be requested at the Registration Desk during the festival.

6) The J-POP Foundation (Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur) holds the right to deny visitors access to the festival without stating a reason. Paid entry fees will be reimbursed immediately. The J-POP Foundation (Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur) nor its members are liable for additional costs, such as (but not limited to) travel arrangements and hotel fees.

7) Inappropriate and unwanted forms of physical contact is not allowed. It may only occur with the consent of the person in question. (Repeatedly) disrespecting this policy is seen as a violation of the house rules as mentioned in point 3 and can lead to expulsion from the festival site and, if necessary, being reported to the police.

Visitors are requested to report inappropriate or unwanted contact and to report the people who do not respect this rule of conduct to the staff (recognizable by the red J-POP shirts and special badges) and/or to security.

8) Cosplay costumes may not be too revealing. Be aware that breasts, the crotch area and buttocks have to be covered by clothing. Obscene gestures and acts are not allowed.

Weapons (whether they are real, replicas or model weapons) are strictly forbidden. Cosplay weapons are allowed only as props during one of the official Cosplay Events. Cosplay weapons need to adhere and be handled according to Dutch law regarding weaponry.

10) Cosplay props that may compromise safety in any way are not allowed.

Members of Staff and Security have the right to prohibit or (temporarily) confiscate Cosplay props or weapons at any time.

11) You are not allowed to sleep or take a nap anywhere inside the hotel / festival grounds, other than in a hotel room that you are legally holding a key to. Offenders of this rule will be escorted off the premises and not allowed to return for the remainder of the festival and possibly future events for the years to come.

12) On the festival grounds, carrying luggage like purses, bags, backpacks, coats, etc. is prohibited in many areas as specified in our Bags, Props & Consumables Rules. We only allow small bags (with a maximum volume of 25cm x 14cm x 7cm), under the condition that these are worn very tight to the body at all times.

It is prohibited to leave jackets, coats and/or luggage unattended. Members of Staff, Security and Stewards hold the right to remove aforementioned items without notice. We kindly request those in legal possession of a key to a car or a hotel room to leave their luggage in that car or room. Remaining visitors can leave their possessions at the Bag Room. Plastic bags containing items purchased in the Dealer Room are (temporary) allowed in the lounge and the Dealer Room itself, but not anywhere else on the festival grounds.

Only for VALID medical or professional reasons we will allow some visitors to carry a (as small as possible) bag. For this a 'special bag permit' has to be acquired from the staff, which needs to be attached to the bag. (Registration desk) Staff will only provide this 'special bag permit' if we are convinced of a valid reason (bringing a note from the doctor is a good idea).

13) Using personal devices (including cellular phones) to play copyright protected materials in public is not permitted.

14) Using personal devices (including cellular phones) in video rooms is not permitted.

15) Marketing activities on the festival grounds are not allowed, without explicit authorisation in writing by the J-POP Foundation (Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur) staff. This includes (but is not limited to) distributing folders and flyers, putting up signs or props and holding a survey or handing out questionnaires, with or without sound.

The use or distribution of stickers or other adhesive materials is not allowed and can be grounds for immediate expulsion off of festival grounds. Ticket fees will not be refunded.

16) You are not allowed to smoke at the festival grounds. Smoking is allowed right next to the entrance to the location.

17) You are not allowed to bring food or drink into any room of the festival, unless stated differently. Official dealers are allowed to eat and drink at their stands; provided they keep it tidy and waste is disposed of properly.

Outside the festival rooms the Bags, Props and Consumable rules are in place regarding food and drink.

18) You are not allowed to bring pets or other animals to the festival.

Bag and Prop Rules

By accessing the festival grounds, you conform yourself to the rules below! In case these rules allow room for interpretation, the final decision will be made by members of Staff, Security, Stewards and Gophers.

Our festival offers a diverse palette of entertainment and this requires us to be quite strict in some areas.

You're not allowed to bring food and drinks into the video rooms and event rooms (with the exception of the evening party events). While cinemas allow you to take your drinks and popcorn with you into a video room, we know from experience that we should either close the video rooms regularly for cleaning or pay high cleaning costs afterwards. We do not like to close the video rooms and the cleanup costs would increase our ticket price. Therefore we chose not to allow people to bring consumables with them.

Likewise, many of the rooms are filled with expensive equipment. Therefore we cannot allow people to take their bags with them on most of the festival terrain. Instead we offer both a free bag room service and a rented locker service.

The Dutch law does not allow you to carry anything resembling a weapon with you. It should be clear at a distance of 20 meters that what you are carrying is fake.

Giant props are awesome to behold, but not when you are trying to see through it in order to follow what is going on at a screen, so leave them at the Bag Room when you enter an event room.

As this is all quite confusing, we decided to relax our previous “no bags allowed ever” rule and use a zoning system during the festival, stating what is and is not allowed where, instead of just "relying on common sense". The end result of these rules is that the deeper you enter the festival, the more you should be just you and not the stuff you are carrying.

Always allowed
- Small bags (with a maximum volume of 25cm x 14cm x 7cm), under the condition that these are worn very tight to the body at all times.
- Small props – that do not violate Dutch law – which can be carried on person or in your hands.
- Whatever fits in your pockets.

Always allowed with a Bag permit
Some people need their medication or aids with them all the time; those people can request a Bag permit to our EHBO volunteers (via the Registration Desk) during the festival. Do not only bring the medication in question, but at least the packaging and if possible also the prescription, so we can check that you really are required to have your medication on you.

A bag permit is a permission for:
- Bags smaller than 5 liters.
- Larger bags if we are convinced of the need.
- Aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, etc…
- Whatever else is needed to keep you safe and healthy.

Red zone
The rules are strict in the Red zone. You cannot take bags, drinks, food, large props, etc… with you, except for the items that are always allowed.

The Red zone consists of all activity rooms: the theater, all video rooms, the game room, the dealer room, the dojo, the event plaza and all event rooms.

There are a couple of very specific exceptions:
- People are allowed and even encouraged to leave the dealer room with bags containing purchases.
- Laptops & laptop bags are allowed for the workshop “Making most of your tablet”.
- Dealers and event staff are allowed to take food and drinks with them for personal consumption only.

Orange zone
Here we relax the rules a bit so you are allowed to take more with you, but only for a specific purpose.

So people are allowed to carry:
- Large cosplay props when you are going to take pictures.
- Photo and video gear and camera bags are allowed as long as they are carried and nothing is put on the ground.
- People going to the dressing rooms can take their suitcase with them.

However, on no account is it allowed to:
- Leave any bag or prop unattended.
- Block doorways, passages and paths.
- To carry any prop with a sharp edge or that is deemed dangerous or illegal according to our security.
- Take food and drinks with you.
- However, people are of course allowed to consume the locally available foods and drinks at the Maid and Butler café, the Prom on Friday, the Disco on Saturday and during the - Sake and Whisky Tasting and the Sushi Workshops.

Green zone
Here the rules are quite relaxed, but pay attention to the following:

- Do not leave any bag or prop unattended.
- Do not block the passage of other people.
- Do not carry any prop with a sharp edge or that is deemed dangerous or illegal according to our security people.
- Do not use electronic devices to show licensed media content to other people.
- Lastly we may have to tweak or change the rules during the festival because of some unforeseen danger. So rule number one remains to listen to the staff.

Photography Rules

By accessing the festival grounds, you conform yourself to the rules below! In case these rules allow room for interpretation, the final decision will be made by members of Staff, Security, Stewards and Gophers.
Taking pictures during the AnimeCon Festival

Below you will find our rules regarding making a photographical registration of the festival and hints for visitors on how to interact with photographers and vice versa.

Photography & Video Rules

1) It is PROHIBITED to record the following locations and people before, during and after AnimeCon in any way:

EVERY Video Room and Event Rooms unless stated otherwise.
Our professional security people (clearly distinguished by their bright yellow SECURITY jacket).
Any artists and/or members of (a) band(s) performing at the festival, unless stated otherwise.
Everyone (this includes cosplayers) who did not give permission to have their picture taken or be filmed by the registering party.

2) It is PROHIBITED to use tripods, dollies or any other free standing aids to photography.

Reflectors, lamps or anything else needed for a photo should be held by a person. Obstructing the passage of people by putting anything on the floor or mounting of anything on walls, railings, etc... is prohibited and ground for removal from the festival.

Photographers can request a location in the cosplay photography area where they can use lights, reflectors and curtains and anything else they require for their needs; but granting such a location is at the sole discretion of the J-POP Foundation. Any requests for a location should be submitted at least one month in advance of the festival.

Tips for cosplayers

As a cosplaying visitor of our festival you are considered a special object of interest and a keen subject for photographers. Some of you don't have any problems with that, others just want to cosplay.

1) Visitors turned photographer are usually recognisable through their official visitor's badge. This badge is worn around the neck on a lanyard, as specified by the house rules.

If this is not the case and the photographer in question is on festival grounds (except public areas), please warn Security and / or a Staff member (recognisable by red polo shirts with the word STAFF written on them), or a steward or gopher.

When in doubt, always warn Security and / or a Staff member or a steward or gopher, even outside festival grounds.

Forewarned is forearmed.

2) In case the photographer in question isn't a visitor and is snapping away at the entrance to the festival, think twice about whether you'd want to be photographed by this person.

Most professional and semi-professional photographers keep a stock of business cards at the ready in order to exchange contact information. Don't forget to ask their card.

3) Make yourself clear on whether you want to be photographed or not. If the photographer insists or takes pictures regardless of what you indicate, warn Security and / or a Staff member, or a steward or gopher.

Overview shots (for instance, a crowded theatre) do not count as a portrait in that manner. A picture of one or more people, clearly recognisable is considered to be a portrait and can be fought accordingly.

4) Portrait rights are personal, but only become an issue when the picture is going to be published. This is an important difference compared to just snapping a picture and then leaving it unpublished.

You can however resist photography of your person on grounds of privacy:

  • A photographer has in this matter no right to take a picture, especially in a closed-off environment as the AnimeCon festival: this right has to be given each and every time someone wants to take a picture.
  • You can deny publication in any way, including the Internet due to Portrait Rights.
  • The photographer retains copyright on the picture itself, but can't publish the work unless permission has been given by the subject.
  • In reverse, the subject can't publish the picture without permission from the maker.
  • Keep in mind, what's been published on the internet, usually stays on the internet, for an indefinite period of time.

The J-POP Foundation and its members are not liable in any way for infractions on Portrait Rights as mentioned in Dutch Copyright Law 1912, article 19-21.

Staff and co-workers of Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur, including official Photogopher(s) are an exception to these rules.

They are considered safe and will take utmost care in taking and processing photographs.

The pictures they take will only be used in a private showing or for promotional purposes for J-POP Foundation and future editions of the AnimeCon festival.