AnimeCon uses all of the space The Broodfabriek has to offer: over 17500 m2!
The location consists of several halls. Below you will find an overview of the layout.

  • Serre: The Serre is where you will arrive and register for the event. Make sure you have your tickets ready, so you can enjoy the festival promptly.
  • Hus Zaal: Our main shows will be hosted here. These include the cosplay competitions, AMV competition and many more.
  • Patria Zaal: The Partia Zaal is our second stage. Here you'll find the live shows and dance events, such as the hard beats by Deshima Sounds.
  • Horeca Plaza: During any convention you need to keep up your energy and stay well hydrated. The Horeca Plaza is one of the spots where you can recharge with tasty meal and a cool beverage.
  • Bakkerij 1: The Bakkerij 1 is the second place where you can replenish your stamina. With the many Japanese food and drink stands you will be able to get the best flavours of the Japanese cuisine. Similar to the last convention, you will also find the Exp Plaza, where you are able to visit all kinds of workshops and events, play card games, try out board games and a lot more.
  • Bakkerij 2: Bakkerij 2 is shared by the Game Room and the Dealer Room. In the Game Room you will find retro videogames on old school consoles and arcades as well as the latest demos on the newest consoles. And, of course, some of these games are not easily found in the Netherlands, so be sure to have a look.
    The Dealer Room offers all kinds of merchandise. From anime to manga, and from licensed merchandise to beautiful artworks by artists; the AnimeCon Dealer Room is the place for good deals on anime merchandise.
floormap De Broodfabriek
Cute Marieke illustration by Natchan