Mark the date: ticket sales for the following events will start Saturday the 14th at 18:00
Each event will have the link to the sales in their description. 

The Taste of Japanese WhiskyThe Taste of Japanese Whisky
Since 2011 we have been hosting Japanese whisky tastings at AnimeCon. What would AnimeCon be without a relaxed whisky tasting? Well... AnimeCon, but Less AnimeCon, of course!
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The Taste of Japanese Gin 2022The Taste of Japanese Gin 2022
The Gin Boom has hit Japan hard! A lot of new distilleries have sprung up over the last few years and it's high time to see what old and new...
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Sushi workshopSushi workshop
A wonderful sushi workshop with Japanese sushi chef “Taji”. If you like high quality sushi, Taji will show you how to make maki and nigiri.
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Sake tastingSake tasting
Many people have tasted just one type of sake and think they know what sake is. This sake tasting shows (and lets you taste) how wide the variety of experiences...
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18+ Sushi workshop18+ Sushi workshop
An exciting sushi workshop for 18+, where we are going to eat from very pretty models laying down on the table. ID is required, you must be 18 or older...
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