Do you hold the wish to perform a cosplay skit on stage without the pressure of professional judging and being sent abroad? Do you remember AnimeCon's cosplay competitions as they were a decade ago with nostalgic fondness? Then the Casual Cosplay Compo is just right for you! Now with a Christmas Special bonus!

What is this competition about?

Do you hold the wish to perform a cosplay skit on stage without the pressure of professional judging and being sent abroad? Do you remember AnimeCon's cosplay competitions as they were a decade ago with nostalgic fondness? Then the Casual Cosplay Compo is just right for you! Now with a Christmas Special bonus!

After 2018s success- or, well, fun- and 2019's brilliant reprisal, AnimeCon's Christmas Special 2021 will feature the third edition of the Casual Cosplay Compo! Downscaling the heat of competition and instead returning to our roots, this competition welcomes any participant with a love for flair. Cardboard armor, frizzy wigs and bad jokes may all be found on our stage. In fact, they are very much encouraged. From the classic 'Cosplay & Run' to scripted skits, participants will have to rely on their wit! Lines need not be recorded beforehand. We encourage everyone to utter them into a microphone right there in front of everybody. (Props and music are allowed, of course.)

Of course, no competition is complete without a winner: our very casual judges will bestow upon the most entertaining cosplayer (or group) a unique trophy! Do you have what it takes to win the one-of-a-kind handmade Clara?

And that's not all! This year, for one time only, we'll hand out a special prize to whoever best embodies the Christmas spirit! There are no restrictions to how many Christmas attributes must be included in the cosplay; even just wearing a Santa hat on top of everything else already counts as an entry. So please, if you find the opportunity, Christmasify your cosplay!

Sign-ups for 2021 are now OPEN! Don't let this opportunity pass you by! The initial deadline is set for Friday October 29th.


Sign-ups are open!

In order to sign up, please send an E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This E-mail does not need to be written in English. It can be Dutch, if you prefer. Put the words “Casual Cosplay Sign-up” in the subject line. Within the E-mail, please include the following information:

- Your name(s)
- Your ticket number(s), should you already have them. (if absent, they will need to be provided later.)
- A brief overview of what you intend to do on-stage. You don't need to worry about sending us the detailed script just yet, we'd just like a rough sketch of what to expect.

Signing up is not required for watching the competition from the audience.


Aside from the usual rules, the following applies:

Visitors of this specific event are allowed to take pictures of the event. All entrants need to agree to this if they want to compete in this event. However, it is NOT allowed to use FLASH photography! Remember, other people's personal (as well as third parties) rights will always apply, but what you do with your pictures/recordings is your own responsibility!


- For cosplay weapon guidelines, please read the house rules/huisregels. Dutch weapons law will always apply!
- Teams may consist of 2 to 10 people. Solo acts are also allowed.
- There are no age restrictions.
- There are no nationality restrictions.
- Costumes do not need to be hand-made, certainly not by participants themselves. The only requirement to the costume is that it is, indeed, a physical costume. (Please don't show up in your underwear and claim that your outfit was created with the power of imagination.)
- You and your team must perform an act on stage which may not exceed 240 seconds. (4 minutes). The minimum for a 'Cosplay & Run' is 5 seconds on stage.
- There will only be two handheld microphones. We will not provide you with any headsets, nor a third microphone.
- Once entered, you will get a script form to fill in the details of your act. This will have to be handed in on the date indicated in the form at the latest.
- With your script, you will also have to provide any audio you want to use during the skit.
- Acts will not be judged on the 'quality' of the costume. They will instead be judged on the following:
* Whether the costume successfully conveys the character.
* The entertainment value of the 'act'.
* Creativity involved with both the costume and the 'act'.
* Showmanship.
- Teams may use: Any solid items that can spill on the stage, like bubbles, tinfoil shreds, confetti etc. However, we ask that this be done with discretion. Please don't cause a mess, as our sweeping gopher will not be amused.
- Teams may not use: Liquids, live fire, dry ice, live steel weapons or other things that could be a danger to yourself or others, glitter or other materials which are virtually impossible to remove from the stage.
- Stage ninjas are allowed. Our staff can also hand you a prop or item from backstage, should you need it. However, we may not interact with the cosplayers on stage, so when in need of a good joke, secure your own ninja(s).
- You must attend the convention at least on Sunday.
- You must attend the rehearsal, which takes place Sunday around 10:00 AM.
- Your cosplay must be from an officially published or broadcast source. They may not be original designs or based on derivative works not endorsed by the copyright holders.

Tips & Tricks

For all you newbies, here's some free inspiration and advice from our cosplay veterans!
1) Practice before the convention! Often times, you will find that certain problems arise during your first rehearsals. Who stands where, how exactly do we stage this silly fight scene, whacking someone with this prop will cause said prop to break... This is perfectly normal and not something you wish to discover at AnimeCon itself. Getting together with your team to find ways around these problems is key to a solid cosplay act!
2) When practicing, take the microphone(s) into account. Bear in mind that unless you use pre-recorded lines, you will always be holding a microphone in one hand when saying a line. The greater your group is, the more often you will need to pass a microphone along to whoever is next. For that reason, practice with two 'microphones' and coordinate among yourselves who has which microphone at which point in time.
3) Be prepared to improvise! The more elaborate the cosplay act, the higher the chances that something unexpected may occur. The music might not play at the right moment, a prop may break, a cosplay accessory may go flying through the air... You can either break the fourth wall and acknowledge it (always good for a laugh from the audience), or just keep trucking onward like a true actor. Should the audio fail, create your own!
4) There's no limits to your creativity. We highly encourage cosplayers to use any and all materials for their outfits and props, short of something harmful like plutonium. You could have five stage ninjas in the back, holding up a painted backdrop to create more mood! Or perhaps the ninjas can form a choir to sing the audio!
5) Cross-over acts are always a hit when done well. Naruto meets Bleach, Marvel meets DC, Metal Gear Solid meets Sesame Street... So long as the encounter is meshed together with a good narrative, what's stopping you?
6) Why not parody something you might see on TV- or a streaming service? A game show, a talent show, a sitcom, a game involving thrones... Take the characters out of their usual environment and stick them somewhere unnatural, but still recognizable. It'll be fun!
7) Never underestimate the power of showmanship. A single person doing a Cosplay & Run can be just as memorable as a group doing an elaborate act. All you need is a cosplay which stands out and a confident attitude to go with it.
8) Have fun! This is the most important advice of all. The Casual Cosplay Compo is not at all about winning, or even about 'the perfect act'. It's about participating and spreading the love you have for the character. There's no 'cosplay' without 'play', after all!


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Hus Room / Main Theater


Sunday 12:00 - 13:00