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Japanese Calligraphy Workshop
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AnimeCon: Japanese Fashion, Lolita and Visual Kei events

AnimeCon Program Events and Activities

Our program, full of a wide variety of activities, is what differentiates AnimeCon from other conventions. Putting up the full program is a lot of work and keeps us busy until the festival finally starts. In 2019, we had over 200 events spread throughout our convention! Lectures, workshops, contests, tastings... From classic tea ceremonies to boardgame nights, from Japan-related Bingo games to dancing workshops, from the AMV competition to speed dating, there are few events we won't consider hosting. If you have a great idea for our program, or would like to host this particular event yourself, please send an E-mail to the Festival Events department through the contact form.

As we approach the date of the festival, you will see these pages continually increase in number and expand in content and details. Also the information left over from the previous year will steadily be removed or updated to the current edition of our festival.

What to do at AnimeCon? From lectures and workshops to tastings and concerts, you'll find the full program here below. 

Event Overview!

The Latest Events

Cosplay Target + Who's that PokemonCosplay Target + Who's that Pokemon
Cosplay Target + Who's that Pokemon? Ready to play some unique games? GoCosplayers has got...
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De Foamtastische HuiskamerDe Foamtastische Huiskamer
The "Foamtastische Huiskamer" will provide the Cosplay Repair Point at AnimeCon. That's not all of...
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Het DuivelseiHet Duivelsei
Het Duivelsei is the student board game association of Leiden, with over 500 board and...
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Karaoke by Asgard Sings!Karaoke by Asgard Sings!
Asgard Sings! will provide you with the best openings, golden oldies and loads of other...
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AMV CompetitionAMV Competition
The AMV Competition of AnimeCon is a fun event with serious competition. The 2021 competition...
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ECG Group and Solo 2022 preliminariesECG Group and Solo 2022 preliminaries
European Cosplay Gathering You may have heard about Japan-Expo in Paris before, because it's the...
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GICOF Duo 2022 preliminariesGICOF Duo 2022 preliminaries
What is GICOF? AnimeCon has always been the Dutch festival to go to for awesome...
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AnimeCon Activities

AnimeCon has many different kinds of activities. From tastings to workshops and from cardgame competitions to a showcase of indie gamedevs. Check our timeline for an overview of all events.