The Exp Plaza

The Exp Plaza is the place to hang out with friends, because the main activities here are continuous, so you can walk in at any time. However, there might be some game competitions you'll have to sign up for.

There's enough to experience: karaoke, card games, table top games, Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement), Shogi and a lot more. 

Exp Plaza Overview

Cosplay Target + Who's that PokemonCosplay Target + Who's that Pokemon
Cosplay Target + Who's that Pokemon? Ready to play some unique games? GoCosplayers has got one for cosplayers and one...
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De Foamtastische HuiskamerDe Foamtastische Huiskamer
The "Foamtastische Huiskamer" will provide the Cosplay Repair Point at AnimeCon. That's not all of course, you can try out...
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Het DuivelseiHet Duivelsei
Het Duivelsei is the student board game association of Leiden, with over 500 board and card games in our collection...
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Karaoke by Asgard Sings!Karaoke by Asgard Sings!
Asgard Sings! will provide you with the best openings, golden oldies and loads of other songs to sing to. With...
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