Come level up with us at the Exp Plaza!
This area is packed with different kinds of activities, a perfect place to learn a new tabletop game or to just hang out while waiting on the next event you plan to go to. We also have a photo shoot area and a dedicated lounge area to sit down and enjoy some food & drink.

The best part? Most of our activities are available for you from the morning until late in the evening! Take a look at what we have to offer and come enjoy yourself. But don’t forget to check if you have to sign up, some of our activities or competitions have limited space.

Our activities

So, how can you level up?

Like in all the best games you can do it your own way! Actively or passively - we cater for all needs.
You can compete in tournaments or play casually and make some friends along the way (Shogi, Go, and the Trading Card Game area).
You can hunt and hide from competitors with the daily murder game or casually try to "catch 'em all" with the Cosplay Target game.
Come test your role playing abilities through a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons or show off your vocal skills at the karaoke!
There is something for everyone of any age.


You can bring your bags and cosplay props to our activities and we have designated areas for a drink or something to eat. Many activities need clean tables. When looking for a place to eat in the Exp Plaza, please check if it is a designated lounge zone and not at an activity. Our volunteers are happy to help if anything is not clear for you!

Please note that the no-smoking policy is always in effect at the Exp Plaza.

Weekend and day visitors.

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Opening hours
Friday: T.B.A
Saturday: T.B.A
Sunday: T.B.A

What to do at the Exp Plaza

Competitions and Sign-up

The Exp Plaza has many continuous events where you can walk in and out as you please. Some activities like Dungeons & Dragons, TCG competitions or other games require you to sign up beforehand. At the convention, please check your Animecon booklet or the designated area for said activity. Good luck and have fun!