Cosplay at AnimeCon
Taste Japan: Takoyaki
Japanese Calligraphy Workshop
Cardgames at the Exp Plaza
Figures and merchandise at the Dealer Room
AnimeCon: Japanese Fashion, Lolita and Visual Kei events

AnimeCon Events and Activities Overview

During the festival there is more than enough to do for everyone. Looking for merchandise? Fancy trying out some games? Or would you like to learn something new? There is a place for everything. Take a look at a concert or performance, follow a workshop or a lecture and get something delicious at one of the food stalls where you can find authentic Japanese snacks.

The closer we get to the festival, the more events will be announced. Take a look at everything that is announced and enjoy what's to come!

There is so much choice for different events. You will find an overview of the many events below.

Event Overview!


Cosplay is of course a big part of the festival. Come see or take part in one of the Cosplay Competitions that are hosted, take a look at one of the Photocorners or go to a Cosplay Workshop!

Dealer Room

Take a look in our Dealer Room and see the many anime, manga, gaming and cosplay related items for sale!

Game Room 

Visit the Game Room and try the many different games available, both new and classic consoles!

Festival Events

During AnimeCon there are several Festival Events to visit. Think of workshops, lectures and demonstrations. 

Exp Plaza

Exp Plaza is the place to be for a good time with friends. There are nonstop activities to participate in such as card and board games, karaoke and typical Japanese festival activities such as scooping goldfish!

Live Events

Concerts, live shows and dance events. All this cannot be missed during a festival weekend. Come party at Deshima Sounds or enjoy a live show and dance the night away.

Taste Japan

Come enjoy the authentic taste of Japan while visiting AnimeCon. Get Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki or Taiyaki and more from one of the food stalls, learn to prepare Japanese dishes yourself at one of the Workshops or join a Tasting of, for example, Japanese Sake and Whiskey.

Special Guests

Several Special Guests will be present during the festival weekend. Renowned Cosplayers such as Tenkou and AmenoKitarou and international artists such as TeddyLoid and Myth&Roid, all featured at AnimeCon! Curious who is visiting AnimeCon this year? To be announced soon!

AnimeCon Activities - Hoi Riekelt

AnimeCon has many different kinds of activities. From tastings to game competitions and from workshops to a showcase of indie gamedevs. Check our timeline for an overview of all events.