AnimeCon is the perfect occasion to reach a large, niche audience.

If you want to sell items, promote your latest product or host an event, AnimeCon is the place to turn your weekend into a success. The registration for Animecon 2023 will open soon.

Book now: Dealer Room Registration for Vendors and Artists

AnimeCon is the perfect opportunity to reach a large, niche audience. Whether you’d like to sell, promote your latest news or host an event, AnimeCon is the place to make your weekend a success.

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Dealer Registration Site

Dealer Room Information for Vendors and Artists

Changes from last year:

The extra surcharge for the sale of food and beverages is no more! Everyone will be allowed to sell pre-packaged snacks and drinks in the dealer room without additional cost. If you’d like to sell fresh produce, please inform with us in advance. You may be eligible for catering. De Broodfabriek does have a very good public Wifi, as well as good celular coverage inside the building.

In the case that we have to apply specific covid-related rules and regulations, we will be sure to share these in time. 

Main Rules and Regulations

  • We do not allow the sale of "lucky bags"
  • If you have planned events in the dealer room (like signing sessions, competitions and fashion shows) we can add those to our online and printed timeline program.
  • No bootlegs or "splash"-fanart (i.e. official art edited).
  • Your application may be refused if you've broken our rules of conduct before.
  • For all rules and regulations, please refer to the dealer room documents and contract. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask us.

First time Vendor or Artist?

For all first time dealers, we will want to know who you are, what you plan to sell and make sure there are no bootlegs among your wares. Our bootleg page explains how active we are in fighting bootlegs.

We will also help you to make sure your wares are legal and we do our best to listen to all your suggestions and feedback. We may be an all-volunteer organization, but we do try our best and we care about our convention.

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